Go to: Before, During, or After the service

Before the Service:

  1. Get to the church 10 to 15 minutes before the practice starts.
  2. Connect the iPad to the charge cable.
  3. Turn on and log in the laptop.
    1. Power button is top left of the keyboard area.
    2. Use the wired keyboard and mouse as the built in ones have problems.
  4. Make sure the video switcher is functioning and you see the two camera feeds on the preview monitor.
  5. Open Chrome.
  6. Stream Initial Setup:
    1. Left click the first bookmark to open YouTube.
    2. Click "Create" -> "Go Live"
    3. Click "Edit"
      1. If you know the service title (if you have access to planning center it may say there) update that. It should be "PGPC - "TITLE". If there is no title you can just use "PGPC - Worship Service".
      2. Update the date in the description.
      3. Make sure visibility is set to private.
      4. Scroll down to Recording date. Set it to todays date.
      5. Beside that, set the Recording Location to "Prince George Pentecostal Church".
      6. Click "Save"
    4. Click "Stream Settings".
      1. Make sure "Enable DVR" is disabled.
      2. Scroll down and make sure "Unlist live replay once stream ends" is enabled.
  7. Church Online setup:
    1. Right click the second bookmark and open in new tab.
    2. If you have to login, use the tech user which is saved in the browser.
    3. Click "Go to Admin"
    4. Select "Services" tab on the left.
    5. On the right, click "Edit Content" for the first service.
    6. Check over the settings, most will not need changing.
    7. Additional Services (at the bottom)
      1. Click the bar with the date range and calendar icon.
      2. Click todays date.
      3. Click the last date that is black (not gray) text. This should highlight most of the calendar.
      4. Click beside the bar with the date range you clicked on in substep 1 to close the calendar.
      5. Click "Select All".
      6. Click "Save"
    8. If there are only a few services listed, we will need to add more.
      1. Take note of the date of the last service listed.
      2. In the services tab, click "Add service time".
      3. Click in the "date" box. Select the first Sunday after the last existing service.
      4. Make sure the time is correct (10am currently).
      5. Click in the "Repeat" box. Select "Weekly".
      6. Make sure the new box that appears says "Sunday". This is typically grayed / faded.
      7. Click "Save".
      8. Go back to step 7-5.
    9. Click "Go to host tools".
  8. Go to the YouTube tab. Unmute the video and use the iPad to adjust the stream audio.
  9. Twenty minutes before the service, set the final YouTube settings.
    1. Click "Edit" then make sure it is set to "Public" visibility and that "Allow Embedding" is checked. Save those settings.
  10. Mute the YouTube video.
  11. Typically you can ignore any warnings about the bitrate. As long as the video is smooth there is nothing to worry about.
  12. Go to the Church Online tab. Make sure the video is playing. If not, go back and check the YouTube settings. (Step 8)
  13. Monitor or even participate in the chat. Maybe try generating some discussion!

During the Service:

  1. Select the appropriate camera view using the video switcher.
    1. Tap the big numbered button to select that camera number.
    2. The black bars will show or hide every time to press a camera button.
      1. When switching between camera one and two alternately, the black bars will stay with camera two.
      2. If you double tap a camera button the black bars will change which camera they show with.
  2. Monitor the service and chat. If someone is causing problems mute them.
  3. At the end of the music portion / at the start of the sermon take note of the attendance.
    1. In the browser tab with Youtube, find the number of "Concurrent Viewers".
    2. In the browser tab with Church Online, find the number of viewers in the top right of the video.
    3. Add the two numbers together and report it to the greeter when they come ask.

After the service:

  1. After the service wait till the chat dies down or 5 minutes, then go to your youtube stream tab and click "End Stream".
  2. Click "Dismiss"
  3. Close Chrome.
  4. Shut down the laptop.