Are you going to film a video to show during a service? Here are a few basic tips to ensure that poor quality does not distract from the message or even prevent it completely!  

  1. Do not worry about perfection - we want the message to be the point and want to ensure we are real and authentic to people.
  2. Don't wait till the last minute! Please contact to find out when the tech department needs to have the video by. Typically this will be two or three days before the video will be shown.
  3. Resolution: Try filming at full HD resolution (1920x1080) or as close as possible.
  4. While filming in portrait mode (longer up and down) is not the end of the world, we normally recommend filming in landscape mode (longer side to side) as this fits most screens better.
  5. Try to put your camera on a steady surface if possible instead of holding it.
  6. Leave an extra one or two seconds at the beginning and end of the video of you just looking at the camera to make blending with other videos easier.
  7. If you have some kind of mic - even earbuds with a phone, you may want to consider using it especially if you can't film in a quiet or echo free environment.
  8. If you can let steady indirect natural sunlight in, it will generally give the best lighting.
  9. Make sure the main light is on your face and not your back.

If you have any questions feel free to contact the tech department!