1. Planning Center
    1. Log in and view the appropriate service order.
    2. Make sure the arrangements are either "Propresenter Placeholder" or the name of the worship leader for that service.
    3. Make sure all songs have a CCLI number. If they don't, contact the worship leader to get the needed number(s).
    4. Check the description for the "Announcements" song. Take note if there any specific announcements mentioned.
    5. Check for anything that is out of the ordinary or doesn't look right. Verify with the appropriate person if you are unsure.
  2. Log in to the Media PC.
  3. Open Propresenter.
  4. Delete any old playlists.
  5. In the "Library" box, click the "+" then select "Planning Center Playlist...".
  6. Select the appropriate plan. You may have to log in to Planning Center again.
  7. Wait.. sometimes it can take a full minute to load. If it doesn't after 2 minutes try again.
  8. Once it loads check to see if all the songs have slides. If not:
    1. Copy the CCLI number from Planning Center for the missing song.
    2. In ProPresenter, click "Search" in the top left.
    3. Paste the CCLI number in the box that pops up.
    4. If a song shows up while the Propresenter Icon (left icon under the search line in the popup) is blue, drag the song in to the playlist slide area where it says "Drop Presentation or Media here".
    5. If no song shows up, click the CCLI icon (right icon under the search line in the popup).
    6. Single click on the song that shows up then once the lyric preview is visible, click "Import"
    7. When the Import box appears set the options to:
      • Slides delimited by: Paragraph Break
      • 1 delimiter per slide
      • Size 1920 x 1080
      • Theme: Preview -> Lyrics Text
      • Library: Songs
      • Playlist: None
    8. Click "Edit".
    9. Reflow the song.
      • With the cursor at the beginning of the first slide, click "Insert Slide Break".
      • Right click the second slide (which used to be first). Select "Group" -> whatever the first slide is called.
      • Right click on the first slide. Select "Group" -> "Intro"
      • Use the "Insert Slide Break" button at the bottom of the new window to split slides.
      • Use the "Backspace" key wen the cursor is at the beginning of a slide to join two slides.
      • Keep each slide to five or less lines.
      • With the cursor at the end of the last slide, click "Insert Slide Break".
      • Change the group of the new last slide to "Blank".
      • If there is only one chorus / verse / etc but their group is "____ 1", change the group to just "____". Make sure you click the first slide of the group if there is more than one slide or you will split them in to two groups.
    10. Make sure "Display Copyright" is checked.
    11. Click "Import" at the top right of the Import window.
    12. Click "Songs" in the "Library" pane.
    13. Find the song you just imported and drag it to the slide area where it says "Drop Presentation or Media here".
    14. Once all songs needed are imported, click the refresh button at the top of the playlist. Wait till the circle of dots turns back in to the refresh icon for the refresh to finish.
    15. Check that each song has an arrangement. In the playlist this will look like: "Song Name - [Arrangement]".
      1. If a song does not have an arrangement, check if there is a sequence in Planning Center.
        • If there is NOT a sequence in Planning Center:
          • In ProPresenter click the arrangement button (looks like 3 boxes with an arrow above and below) located on the right side of the song title bar in the slide area.
          • Click the drop down menu (left side of song title bar) that says "Master". Select "New Arrangement..." and name it after the worship leader for the service. (Typically first name with last initial).
        • If there IS a sequence in Planning Center:
          •  Click the sequence to open it.
          • Verify the group names used in ProPresenter are EXACTLY the same as the names in Planning Center.
          • Verify all the parts in Planning Center have a group in ProPresenter.
          • Refresh the playlist to see if the arrangement shows up automatically now.
    16. Format Song Slides.
      1. Add / update backgrounds.
        1. Click "Media" in top right of ProPresenter to open the bin. Select either "Still Backgrounds" or "Motion BGs".
        2. Drag the image / video from the bin to the Intro (first) slide of the song.
        3. Try finding a background that invokes a feeling or thought fitting to the song.
        4. Make sure the background is not too busy (blurring can help with this).
        5. Make sure the background does not have bright areas that make reading lyrics difficult.
        6. Click "Media" again to close the bin.
      2. Check "Looks"
        1. Select a slide in the song. Press "Ctrl+A" to select the whole song.
        2. Right click a slide with no look icon. Select "Add Action" -> "Audience Look" -> "Music - Lyrics".
        3. Right click a slide that has a look icon. Select "Edit Action" -> "Audience Look" -> "Music - Lyrics".
        4. Select the "Blank" or "Outro" (last) slide.
        5. Right click the slide and select "Edit Action" -> "Audience Look" -> "Music - Blank".
      3. Check the "Intro" (first) slide.
        1. If there is no "Clear All" icon - Right click the slide. Select "Add Action" -> "Clear" -> "Clear All".
        2. If there is no video input icon - Right click the slide. Select "Add Action" -> "Video Input" -> "Input 1: Atem Mini Pro Switcher".
  9. Update slides in the slideshow as relevent.
  10. Update the announcements with any needed slides or videos.
  11. Import and Create Sermon slides.
    1. If using images, you will need two slides for most images - one using the fullscreen look and one using the pic in pic look.
      • For scripture passages where they are split among multiple images where you will go straight from one to the next you can skip the pic in pic slide.
  12. Double check everything.
    1. Make sure the preview window (Right side upper half) is set to "Multi View"
    2. Click the first slide of the slideshow. Run through the whole show till it starts to repeat.
    3. Click through every slide as if the service were happening (you might want to do it a bit faster though.. :P).
    4. Watch the preview window to make sure both outputs look good and have the proper formatting.
    5. Add notes for the techs in Planning Center for anything they should be aware of.
    6. Print three copies of the "standard report" of the Planning Center service schedule and place them in the tech booth. Be sure to include the item notes, arrangement name, key, key name, sequences, as well as the teams "band" and "ministry team".
  13. Once you are happy that everything is correct close all windows and restart the computer.
  14. Turn off the monitor.

Special Notes

  1. Videos

    1. Create an empty slide and set the look and other settings as you would any other slide.
    2. Drag the video from the media bin in to the blank slide you just created.
    3. Videos need to be set as foreground for the sound to work properly.
      1. Right click the slide and select "Media Action Behaviour" -> "Foreground".
    4. You need to set the audio routing.
      1. Right click the slide and select "Inspector".
      2. On the left, make sure the video is selected and not a different media item.
      3. On the right, select the "Audio" tab.
      4. Click "Channel Routing..."
      5. Make sure all four squares are selected (blue).
      6. Click the "x" to close the inspection window.